Rotwandstrasse 62, 8044 Zurich

Simonites Social Event

From 18:00 until 22:00

Venue: Restaurant Convivio

Address: Rotwandstrasse 62, 8044 Zurich

Venue URL:

Participation fee: CHF 99.-

Organiser: Marc Heggemann, Marc-André Schauwecker & Caspar Ruetz (Members of the Board)


Enjoy a traditional Swiss Metzgete and have fun…! By the way, this Metzgete is truly ladylike and culinary on a high level – the involved chef is very innovative!

In Switzerland, Metzgete is known as the direct consumption of non-durable foods resulting from the slaughter of pigs, especially blood and giblets, often in the form of sausages. The Metzgete, which takes place every autumn, is a tradition that began with societies sedentary and cattle breeding lifestyle. After slaughter, in order to preserve the meat, it was either dried, put in salt, or processed into sausages. The parts of the animal that could not be preserved were then consumed immediately. Nowadays, the Metzgete has become a celebration of the end of summer and animals, by emphasizing the importance of accountability and sustainability.

Language: English, German, French, Italian – depending on who you will take along and talk to during the party…!!!


Metzgete 2018    Metzgete 2018


Cost: A flat fee of CHF 99.- per person covers the location, a cocktail, and dinner, including 4 glasses of well-chosen wine and unlimited mineral water and coffee. The event has to be paid in advance. Extra wine and “fire-water” have to be paid separately at the restaurant individually. Please take notice of the corresponding no-show policy. 


Please register for the event by November 06, 2019. Please note that we will have only 25 seats available – the registration is based on a first-come, first-save set-up. 

This event is for Simonites Members only - make sure you are logged in, in order to register for the event!

There are 10 people coming.

Look who's coming:

  • Dirk & Margi Melse x2
  • Claudio Burkhard x1
  • paulstaeheli@icloud.com x2
  • JeannineBossard x1
  • Reto Stauffer x1
  • Andy Jenk x1
  • john.schurdak@hispeed.ch x1
  • john.schurdak@hispeed.ch x1

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