Rotwandstrasse 62, 8044 Zurich

Simonites Social Event

From 18:00 until 22:00

Venue: Restaurant Convivio

Address: Rotwandstrasse 62, 8044 Zurich

Venue URL:

Participation fee: CHF 99.-


We enter a new chapter in celebrating this event: Enjoying a traditional Swiss “Metzgete” and having fun…! By the way; this “Metzgete” is truly ladylike and culinary on a high level – the involved chef correspondingly very innovative!

“In Switzerland, “Metzgete” is known as the direct consumption of non-durable foods resulting from the slaughter of pigs, especially blood and giblets, often in the form of sausages. The “Metzgete”, which takes place each autumn, is a tradition that exists since the humans have become sedentary and have started breeding cattle. At the time, it was not possible to feed the entire herd throughout the winter. After slaughtering, it was essential to use as many products as possible, to show reasonability and accountability towards the animals. In the past, and in order to preserve the meat, people used to either dry it or put it into salt. Later, deep freezing came as an additional way to keep the meat over longer periods of time. Each product, which cannot be preserved in one way or the other, has to be used immediately. Thus, these were processed, among others, into blood and liver sausages, products that are still nowadays being consumed immediately and which are free from any preservatives. Before being consumed, both blood and liver sausages need to be boiled”.


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