global competitive strategies seminar; Shanghai sightseeing; culture week Xi’an – Pingyao – Beijing

Venue: China

Participation fee: tba

Organiser: Explorer Circle, Nadine Heuberger / welcome@explorer-circle.com

Shanghai seminar with the Rochester-Bern EMBA class from April 11 to 17, 2021
(culture week from April 2 to 10 plus Shanghai extension from April 10 to 11)

To open up or to close? To advance or go back? While the global economy is at the crossroads to define a path for sustainable economic growth, the Chinese economy is undergoing unprecedented and profound changes. China’s “innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared” development concepts not only offer solutions for the current outstanding economic problems, they also point out a clear direction for the country’s long-term development.

  • Overarching theme: Global competitive strategies

  • Collaboration partners: Rochester-Bern faculty Filip Caeldries (Professor of Strategic Management and Organization, TIAS Business School, Tilburg University) and David Gosset (Global affairs and international relations expert, director of the Academia Sinica Europaea at CEIBS and the founder of the Euro-China Forum, see youtube teaser)

  • Topics: We discuss the economic, political, social, competitive and market evolution in China as well as the complex interplay between them. Looking towards the future, recommendations for country and firm competitive advantage are derived: Have the rules of the game changed? Is the basis of competition changing? If so, how? What needs to be done to sustain (strengthen) the competitiveness of Western firms and countries? What does the future hold for the competitiveness of Chinese firms?  Course sessions  with local as  well as  international  faculty  and  guest speakers  are  held at  various  company and production  sites. 

  • Pricing: CHF 3'500 per person based on single occupancy (including five seminar days with lunches, six nights accommodation with breakfast and one group dinner).


More information: https://explorer-circle.com/china


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